Monday, September 10, 2012

Stash Additions: Amazon, Bundle Monster, Sally Beauty Supply Haul

Every month Traci from The Traceface Philes posts a really awesome $10 off coupon for Sally's Beauty Supply. Every month, I go in to the store with bells on my toes to use it. :) 
Check out my $11 Sally Beauty Haul:

Up next, is a bottle of "Hollywood Walk of Fame" from the Fergie WnW line. I've been on the hunt for this polish for a while. I came across it at Walmart. Finally! 

Next up, is a few items I ordered from
Guess how much I paid? NOTHING!!!
That's right, the Konad polish and BM 2012 stamping plates were FREE. How you ask? I use a site called Swagbucks where you earn points for doing simple tasks like filling out surveys or using their search engines. I used all my points that I've earned over the last few months on  $25 worth of Amazon gift cards. I then used those cards to get these few items.
You can click this banner to check out more about Swagbucks and it also serves as a referral link if you'd like me to get credit if you sign up.
Search & Win  

And finally, I have been on the hunt for one of the new Bundlemonster plate holders for a good while now. I checked the site just about everyday and they were never in stock. Finally I got one!!!! I used the code "THANKS" at checkout for 10% off and I got this great book for only $13! I have all three Bundlemonster stamping sets. They fit perfectly in this book, and I even have a few pages to spare. I highly recommend this to anyone who has stamping plates. It's the perfect storage system and it's inexpensive. I love it! 

So how did I do? For those of you who are good at math, the grand total spent on these items was less than $30. 


  1. i love the sally's coupon, especially the part when i use it and everytime they tell me "happy birthday!"

    1. Well, your staff must be nice. Mine don't say a word. Although, I'm sure they realize it isn't my bday anymore. :P

  2. I bought almost the same stuff at Sally's during the sale, lol! Looks like you got some really great deals :]

  3. How do you like the ORLY NAIL ARMOR? ALSO, are you from Ohio? I live in NE Ohio.

    1. Me too!!! About 40 minutes outside of Cleveland.

  4. Love the walk of fame so stunning and the plate holder is a must

  5. Wow awesome! I love using swagbucks! The bundle monster plate holder is SO cute! You got some great stuff at some great prices!