Saturday, September 29, 2012

Random Act of Polish Kindness from Alaina and My Wet N' Wild Fantasy Makers Collection

Let me say, I was having a HORRIBLE day. A really down kind of day. The kind everyone has, I suppose. Till the mail came! 
A wonderful lady named Alaina surprised me with 3 polishes from my WISHLIST
Her letter, her kindness, and the beautiful polishes really turned my day around. 
Thank you so much Alaina!!! :) 

While the names may be different, only one of the 4  2012 Fantasy Makers Tombstone line is a completely new one, and that's the Once Upon a Time, which is still a dupe of Behind Closed Doors, but at least it's in a new cute bottle.

There are 3 others that were released for 2012 which are simply renamed polishes from past lines. Regardless, I still wanted these. Some of my bottles are a little less than mint condition and since these are smaller bottles, I am happy to have back ups.

The 4th polish, not featured in this post, is a glow in the dark polish. 

And here is some Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers Spam.
I am an avid collector of this line and I couldn't wait for this line to be released. 

Do you collect these polishes? Aren't they adorable and very seasonal?? 


  1. Love your collection! I have wanted the bar glitter one forever but no such luck!

  2. So cool!!! I love your collection :-D

  3. Looks really cool. Would love the glitter ones

  4. Love your collection of these! I have wanted to find the rainbow bar glitter for a while now. So cute!

  5. I have been wanting Black Magic foreverrrrrrrr but of course, it's nowhere. :( I definitely want these ones though! Where are they sold?

    1. They're sold everywhere. However, only 4 are currently available in stores. The others were from previous years. Sometimes you'll find them online or on a blog sale. You just have to keep your eyes peeled. Hope that helps. :)

  6. That was so sweet of her! I haven't tried any of these polishes yet, but I'm admiring creepy pumpkin from your collection. They all look really cool together!