Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Manicures from Wine/Nail Night!

So it's that time again. Time to post all the manicures I did for my weekly wine/nail night. I have a get together every Tuesday night in my home, where all my lady friends bring over a bottle of wine, we catch up on things, and I paint nails. 

So here's the manis. 

Destiny's Nails

 Lacie's Nails

Lis's Nails

 Kim's Nails

Michelle's Nails

So what do you think of these designs? Which is your favorite? Do you host any nail parties at your house? 


  1. I think this is so much fun and I'm defanitley going to have some of my girl friends come over so we can have a polish party. They would love it as they beg me to do them already. You have such great and fun ideas you come up with!

  2. Yet again I get so jealous... LOL
    I really love these!!! I love these colors and I really like these crazy patterns!! I think my most favorite from this week's night is Destiny's, but before adding the black. Not that I don't like it with black, I do!! But without it I can't stop thinking of this electronic game I had when I was much younger, where I had to hit the color buttons in the same order... So this one is true nostalgia... LOL

  3. Love the idea! I'm new to nail art, but I would definitely give it a try. What color Zoya is's beau-ti-ful! Also, What color is the blue china glaze?