Sunday, August 26, 2012

Thank heaven for little girls: MY NIECES' NAILS

Last night I had a little family get together at my house with my nieces and nephews. I wanted to have a little celebration for the kids for "back to school". I had 9 kids spend the night!!! Wowzers! 

Everyone had a great time, and I love seeing the kids. 

You know me, of course I took this opportunity to exercise my "nail polish addiction".
 Here's some cute little bitty nail art. 

Xenia's Nails

Annabelle's Nails

Faith's Nails

Katie's Nails

I have a house full of boys. So I cherish the time I have with my nieces. I even french braided everyone's hair. 
French braids, nail painting, and glitter....three things my boys are NEVER interested in. :) 
So what do you think of these teeny mani's? 


  1. Awww, so cute, it's so fun painting small nails :)

  2. How cute! I love the orange and black hearts combo!

  3. Such cute little manis. I try to give my little girl a sweet manicure about once a month. . . I can only get her to sit still for long enough once a month. I love the dotted one, (it looks like candy) and the tiger stripes with Riveting a lot.

  4. Oh these are so sweet!!!
    You are making me so jealous... LOL I wish my brother would let me do my nieces' nails (2.5 and 4 y/o)
    But when they are a little older...... hmmmm...... LOL
    Thanks for such a delicious post!!