Saturday, June 16, 2012

My June Birchbox, MyGlam Bag and Target Summer Beauty Bag

June 2012 MyGlam Bag
I loved the bag this month. It wasn't your standard zippered pouch. It actually looked like it could be used for papers or as a little evening bag. This is the first time I've had any interest at all in the bag they sent. I also have been trying and loving the styling cream. It's great! The lipstick isn't really my color and I am on a pretty strict skin regimine, so I don't really try different moisturizers. Maybe I should though. I can't wait to try this eyeliner. It looks fun! 

June 2012 Birchbox
I really love the stain that came with this month's box. It was awesome!!!!! I've never used anything like this on my lips and it is definitely a product I love. It feels sort of like liquid on your lips, rather than a balm, and it dries to a matte finish and just shows a color. Almost reminds me of like, staining your lips with Kool-ade or something. Weird!!!! 

I'm into trying the bronzer. I'm starting to get tan from the summer sun, so bronze looks good on me right now.  It's full size which is great. I love the perfume and I'm excited to try out the tanning towel. There was also a cookie bar in the box, but my toddler stole it before I had a chance to photograph it. 

Birchbox had a winner with this month's box. I loved everything in it. For $10 it's a steal!!!! 

Target Summer 2012 Beauty Bag
The Target Beauty Bag was a winner no matter what because it was FREE!!! They gave them away on Facebook and I just happened to be around this time when they were doing it. I already passed this along to a friend. I only noticed looking at other people's post that apparently my bag was missing an item. That, or my toddler got into this package too. :) 


  1. They all look like they have great products in. The eye liner looks amazing! I really need to try lip stains as well, they seem to be a trend this year xx

  2. Looks like Target missed the matching bottle of Tresemme Conditioner in your bag. I'm curious to know how the Stila bronzer will work. I was sure I would get that in my box but I got none of the tanning products. I figured since I'm so pale they'd want me to try it, but I didn't get that or the self-tanning wipes. :(

  3. gorgeous products! I love that gold bag, too.

  4. WHAT?! I got Band-Aids instead of the Stila bronzer! Wanna trade? lol