Saturday, June 2, 2012

My June 2012 Julep Maven "It Girl" Box

Here is my June 2012 Julep Maven "It Girl" box. 

 WOW! Free extras!!!! Candy and a sun protecting vanilla mint lip balm. None of this was shown in the previews. I am a firm believer in giving the customer more than they bargained for. Well played Julep!!! 

Also, Julep sent extra brushes. Which I already had, but it's the thought that counts. To err is human...but to admit you made a mistake and work to fix it...well, that's certainly worth my forgiveness. What did you think of the brush fiasco? I think Julep handled it perfectly: publicly admitted their mistake and took necessary measures to fix it. 

Julep Megan
Julep Sandra
Julep Sasha

Here's two coats of each on a color wheel. Very pretty!!! 

If you aren't a Maven and are interested in becoming one, Julep is currently running a special where you can get your introductory box for just one penny simply by using the code "JUNEINTRO"  at check out.

There is no obligation to continue your subscription, you cancel at any time. Or you have several options each month: you can skip the month without charge, choose another style for the month, or send your box to a friend. It's up to you!!! Here is a referring link if you want to check them out. Take their brief style quiz and find out which box Julep has chosen for you.

For just a penny, what have you got to lose?? It's certainly worth seeing what all the buzz is about. I know I personally love getting these boxes each month.

So what do you think of my June "It Girl" box? 


  1. Pretty colors!
    I keep debating becoming a maven. lol

    1. For a penny, I would try it out and see what you think. You always have the option to cancel after the penny box. :) So like I said, all you have to lose on trying it out is a cent. :)

  2. So pretty color

  3. Replies
    1. Yes! I love Juleps summer line up! :) Thanks for the comment!

  4. Love it darling! lets follow each other <3

  5. Ok these are definitely "I need" colors. Only prob is... do I really want more Julep? Decisions decisions... LOL

    1. Do people send you Julep? or are they shipping to you?

    2. They don't ship to me. I only got 2 maven boxes and I used my ISP service of a US address but after it got here I realized that my ISP charged me for an extra $30 for this service so I'm now ok a "skip month" till I decide if it's worth the trouble or not ;-)