Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Swap package from my friend Gina. MAJOR SCORE!

HOLY MOLY!!! Would you look at this gaggle of goodies! Can you tell that Gina luz me? I luz her too. She's a great friend and an awesome swap partner. She has a Facebook page dedicated to her polish addiction called My Dirty Little Obsessions FB Page she also has a blog which can be found HERE-My Dirty Little Obsessions Blog . Head on over and check her out if you have a chance. 

I have been wanting to try fimos for a while. I love the nail appliques and I use these Sally Hansen Quick Color pens for stamping. They are very opaque in a single coat and the few I have work very well for stamping. 

I am so in love with this bottle of OPI. It's gorgeous! I love duochromes. 

Finger Paints Base Coat
OPI Just Spotted the Lizard (from the new Spiderman Collection)

I love gold! What a cute bag! And since woman cannot live on polish alone, I do so enjoy trying new cosmetics. Aren't these just perfect for my olive complexion?

So Gina told me all she was sending was these four babies to complete my OPI Nikki Minaj line. She lies. :) 
I can cross these babies off my WISHLIST

I love love love Cuccio lotion. Gina sent me a sample a while back. I like it better than Avojuice. It's completely non-greasy. And this particular scent is so lovely and soothing. 

2 coats OPI Save Me

2 coats OPI Pink Friday

2 coats OPI Fly

2 coats OPI Metallic 4 Life

2 coats of OPI Just Spotted the Lizard

 2 coats Sally Hansen Purple Chrome

And here is my completed OPI Nikki Minaj polish collection. I think OPI had a winner with this one. The colors are great. 

How great is Gina??? 
Thanks girlfriend! I loved everything! 


  1. Sweeeeeeeeet mail!!!
    And I am in love with the puppies LOL

    1. Right!!! That's a cute card! And sooo true!

  2. WHOAA have to agree with you that these are a big score!!
    I love just spotted the lizard!!

    1. Me too. She must have read my mind on that one. It's so luscious in person. Thanks for your comment. :)

  3. Hey, can I get a friend like Gina? What a spectacular haul! I really love the puppy sign (le sigh) and the Sally Hansen Purple Chrome has me drooling. One question, please--what is Avojuice or Cuccio lotion used for? Is it a regular hand cream? Thanks and enjoy your haul (if you have time between classes and exams)!

    1. Gina is pretty awesome. :) Avojuice and Cuccio are just lotions. I would say they are more "deluxe" than some. They smell good. Are non-greasy. Most people use them on their hands. But they both say that they are body lotions. So you can use them all over. Thanks for your comment and question. Love hearing from you!