Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mini-haulin': L'Oreal Nail Polish and Physicians Formula Tinted Moisturizer

I had some items to pick up at Walgreens for swaps. So I picked up the two new Loreal colors I had been wanting. They had coupons with them for $1 off so I got them for like $5 a bottle. Not bad.  

 I also needed a tinted moisturizer. I tried one in a Birchbox several months back and I loved it so much! It lasted me a while but it ran out. It's like $65 for the full size bottle!!!! Holy cow! I wanted to see if there was a more affordable option for this product and this was what I settled on. I have used mineral make up by Physicians Formula before, and liked it, so I decided to try their line. It was $13 a bottle. 

I passed up on these polishes the first time. I thought they were too pricey for a drugstore brand honestly. But I made a huge mistake!!!! I swatched them both on my thumbnail before leaving the store. I stared at my thumb all evening. 

Well...then these two polishes started talking to me in my sleep. "COME BUY ME!!! WE LOVE YOU!!! GIVE US HOMES!!!!". I'm kidding. But they are pretty amazing and I'm glad I relented. 

L'Oreal Gorgeous Gold 

L'Oreal Silver Sparkle

Physicians Formula Mineral Tinted Moisturizer. 

 If you look where I rubbed it in, there is actually a good amount of line minimizing. I really like this moisturizer so far. I've been using it for a little over a week now.