Monday, May 21, 2012

May 2012 MyGlam Bag

Here are the contents of my May 2012 MyGlam Bag. Not bad. Not bad at all!!! 

I don't keep the brushes or the bags. I think this is the last of the brushes. That's a relief. I have all the make-up brushes I could want or need. Same goes for the make up bags they send. I don't mind them though. I set them aside to send with swaps and giveaway prized. So they never go to waste. 

I really like these appliques. I have 4 packs of appliques now. I love collecting them!!! But I have yet to wear a set. I'd say this was crazy, but be honest folks, how much of your polish swag goes virtually untouched??? I'll get around to using them eventually. I want to try a set on my toes. I heard they last forever. 

I like perfume samples. I guess pretty soon I'll be all sampled out. For now though, I like my mini perfume collection. This perfume smells awesome!!! 

I was so excited to see full size lipstick in the bag...only, this is nowhere near a color that works well for me. This would be perfect for someone with light hair and skin. It's a red with orange under-tones. So my friend Traci and I are going to swap our lipsticks because this color will work for her. She got a more brown-red which will work better for me. Olive complexions and dark hair should stick more to the brown-pink-purple-gold  family, while fair skinned people can get away with the orange-blue-green-silver family better. 

So what do you think? Worth $10?? I'd certainly say so. Here's a link to MyGlam for details on how to subscribe. Subscriptions are only open at certain times of the month. You can be put on a wait list to be notified when spots become available. I like trying the samples a lot and nothing goes to waste because I can always pass the unwanted items on to friends and family. 


  1. How do you think this compares, month to month, to Birchbox? I've seen a few reviews of glam bags but never tried it. If you had to choose one service between the two, which one do you think you'd stick with?