Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Mail Call and My Collection SPAM

I got this free full size product from At first, I thought this wasn't nail related but...

..would you look at that!!!! Tough on grease..soft on hands. IT IS NAIL RELATED! :P
Regardless, I can always use dish soap and it will be fun to try something new. 

This wasn't mail, but on Easter Sunday, my bff Erin stopped over with her daughter and brought me some veggie pizza, chocolate covered strawberries and chocolate cake. I would have photographed all the food, but I'll let you guess why I didn't. I love Erin. She's the sweetest friend ever. 

I got this sweet little gift from Victoria from Denny's Digits. One of my readers. WnW Vampy Red. So I can cross another Wet n Wild Fantasy Maker Tombstone off my WISHLIST. Sweet! I love her cute little note. 

Every time I get a new Tombstone Fantasy Maker, I swear I find one or two more somewhere. But I have to be getting close to the end of this collection. I wish someone from WnW would clue me in already. So I can stop guessing. 

I do believe these are the only two I have left to get. I just found a swatch of the gold glitter the other day. Like I said, when I find a new one, another one I don't have mystically a little polish tombstone omen. CREEEEEEPY!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, here's the two from my WISHLIST I'm still hunting: 

WnW Fantasy Makers "Black Magic" (the one with bar glitter) photo  by Scrangie 

                                Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers "Magical  photo by Steph's Closet

Here's what I have so far: 

I also received a few additions to my Artisan Polish Collection. I purchased "Color Blind" and "Bad Fish" from Dandy Nails last week and here they are. I am waiting for a shipment of color wheels from China so no plastic swatches today. :(

Actually, at this moment, I'm wearing "Colorblind". I would have taken pictures, but I'm sporting the nubbliest of nubbies right now. 

Here's my Artisan Polish collection so far. I would have more, but I'm super picky. I am never the first to try any of them. I usually wait until people buy them and post swatches. Then I bite. But I'm right on the bandwagon with everyone else. I like choices and artisan polishes add to my choices. I love that! 

I have a few Nerdlacquers on my WISHLIST that I've been wanting forever. I'm really sad I keep missing their sales. They are so elusive to me. 


  1. Glad to hear you are getting closer to maybe being done with your WnW Tombstone hunt :)

  2. Glad I could help cross another off your Tombstone wishlist!