Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I play with my polish outside: Cult Nails "Baker"

It was a nice day. So I took the kids out to play. And that's when I got to thinking: I should play with my polish!!!!!!! Yay!!!!! 

 Cult Nails Baker

YES!!! My nails are growing back. I hacked them all off after a horrendous swimming accident that claimed my entire ring fingernail with no hope of repair. Lame. Since I'm very picky about my nails being all one length...that meant the whole team had to go. Sorry guys. This was the perfect polish for nubbies. I love it!

Look at that gold sparkle. 

Then I just started going crazy and taking pictures of everything: Here's my raspberry bushes I planted last year. It's the only plant my kids won't pull out of the ground. See how I'm slick like that? Plus, I envision a fairy tale where I come out with my bowl of morning cereal and sprinkle on fresh picked raspberries. 

Here's my neighbors new puppy. Isn't he cute!!!! My boys love him. I get the benefit of having a puppy...without having to clean up poo. Isn't that awesome? 

Here's my two year old: Roman

My 5 year old Leonardo

After just counting 280 polishes in my collection...would you ever imagine this is what my feet look like? No polish? INSANITY

More Baker

Plant Cemetary. Oops...

I moved here about 3 years ago. My boyfriend started feeding a stray on the porch. 3 years later she's found a home on our porch and in our hearts. 

And here she is: Cali
She's was fixed and de-clawed when she started coming around the house. So I would imagine either she's a runaway or was abandoned. I'm not sure. I'm just glad she's not spitting out kittens or attracting Tomcats. 


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  2. I have Baker sitting in my Helmer yet to be played with, and yet I play with Baker's cousin Mazo all the time. Poor Baker needs to come out and play :(

    1. One thing I noticed right away about Baker is that it seems to change tone based on who's wearing it. I love it!

  3. OMGosh - LOL! Love that on your "nubbins" and LOVE LOVE LOVE the neighbor puppeh and your kiddos. Okay fine I even love the cat!

  4. Kitty!!!! :D She is so pretty!!! And Your nails look amazing as well! :D

    1. She's the fattest stray cat ever! You can tell she's well fed. :) Ty!

  5. I just had a horrible massive nail break myself and will be cutting them all down to nubbins later today. So freakin sad isn't it???? I like this color on you-I didn't get any from this collection but did dig Swanbourne (i think) the darker brown one.