Saturday, March 31, 2012

Nail Mail: April 2012 Julep Maven Box and Swap from Jen

I did a little mini-swap with my friend Jen from Jen's Nail Files. She's a really sweet girl and she had a Hard Candy mini from their Christmas line. I swapped with her that, and a really cute bottle of Classic Coral Creme from NYC

I'm not a big NYC fan. Actually I only have one bottle in my collection and it was given to me. But I can't lie, I love this color!!! Although, it's far from a creme, as the name would describe. But, nonetheless, it's a beautiful shimmer coral that is perfect for this season. Nice one Jen! 

Now, onto my April 2012 Julep Maven Box

Julep ran a special where you could add on any two items from any other box for just $9.99. I love their Spring line-up so I jumped at the chance to get two extra polishes. So along, with my It Girl Box, I also got 2 extra polishes

While swatching my polishes on my color wheel (yes, color wheels, I sent the plates I ordered from TKB back for a return. :( they just weren't really what I was expecting), I noticed something. Julep changed their brushes!!!! I thought I was crazy at first but look at this side by side: they switched to a pro-wide style brush. YES!!!!!!!!! 

They also sent a few of my polishes in a protective wrapper seen here: Look at Julep...moving up in the polish world. 

Anyway, here's two coats of each polish on color wheels: 

Mandy- a coral creme

Niecy- a rose creme

Penelope- a blush pink creme

Susie- a pale mint creme

Jessica- a very light blue creme

Here's a side by side of Niecy and Mandy, because they look so much alike in my opinion:

If you aren't a Maven and are interested in becoming one, Julep is currently running a special where you can get your introductory box for just one penny simply by using the code "SHAREONMARCH"  at checkout.

There is no obligation to continue your subscription, you cancel at any time. Or, as I mentioned earlier, you have several options each month: you can skip the month without charge, choose another style for the month, or send your box to a friend. It's up to you!!! Here is my referrel link if you want to check them out and would like to give me credit. Take their brief style quiz and find out which box Julep has chosen for you.

For just a penny, what have you got to lose?? It's certainly worth seeing what all the buzz is about. I know I personally love getting these boxes each month.


  1. Great nail mail! Love the Julep Maven polishes. Very pretty shades!

  2. YAY!! So glad you love them! :)

  3. I don't actually own any Juleps but I'm a sucker for namesake polishes. I'm going to have to get Mandy. :)

    Awesome nail mails!

  4. I love the Julep colors in my April box. I ordered the same two add-ons as you! This is my second box from them. My only wish is that they put the name of the polish on the bottom, or have a consistent place for it. I display my nail polish collection, and I do not like that on some bottles the UPC and color name are place on the front face of the bottle. Other than that, I am a BIG Julep fan!

  5. I haven't received my maven box yet, but I'm hoping it will come this week. I loved too many of the colors! I also added an extra two polishes, one of which was Susie (the other being Alyson). Your swatches look incredible! I think I need to get some nail wheels as my collection is growing... a little too quickly! The nail wheels might help me sort through all the colors!