Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Sally Beauty Supply Haul

Here's what I picked up:
  • Disposable Table Towels: so I can quit messing up all my dishtowels with polish and acetone. 
  • Ion Shine Spray: I was so envious of everyone who got the shine spray in their Julep Maven boxes last month that I had to try to find the stuff somewhere. I would have bought Julep's but it was $14. I don't even pay that much for my shampoo. So forget that!! 
  • ABH Facial Scrub, Toner and Moisterizer: I am experimenting with new facial products because I had a realization that I'm 30 years old and I've probably outgrown my Johnson's Clean and Clear line of products. But they're great for you younger folks! I need to start working on keeping my skin youthful now, right? 
  • Orly Nail Rescue: I actually had to exchange my previous kit because my bottle got stuck. BOO! The lady who was working at Sally's gave me a great tip for nail glue bottles, since she said it's common for them to get stuck. She told me to put a little cuticle oil around the threads inside the lid. So far it's worked. 
  • A hand mirror: great for checking out the back of your head. :P
  • A rat tooth comb: I like using these when I braid and part my hair
  • I also picked up some polishes that are not pictured here but are on the receipt. They were sent away to a friend before I photographed for this post. 

I had a $10 off coupon. So not great, but not bad either.