Thursday, February 2, 2012

My Julep Maven February 2012 American Beauty Box

DANG IT!!!! I wasn't one of the Golden Box winners!!!! But CONGRATS to those who were. I've been very impressed with the ones I've seen so far. JEALOUS!!!!

Anyway, without further ado here's my box: 

Lovely packaging as always. Kudos Julep. 

For those who don't know...but I'm sure you all do...Red and Gold are my most favorite colors!!!! Thank you Julep!!! 

I'm swapping off my cuticle oil because I already have some. I like it and I love the roller ball design. However, I am not too crazy about the smell. It's kind of manly. My baby daddy likes the smell a lot. 

Now on to the part that you have all...or well I, have all been waiting for: The Polish!

Julep Glenn: A bold berry shimmer
Julep Oscar: An ultra chic, multi-dimensional gold glitter
Here are 2 coats of each on a color wheel




I love these colors. The red is so multi-dimensional and shiny. It's almost metallic. And the glitter is a good quality dense glitter. These polishes obviously pair together beautifully. And not just because I am psychotically obsessed with red and gold. :) I am so pleased! Bash Julep all you want, but I am happy with this box. 

You can become a Maven for just $5 if you use the code "MAVEN5" at checkout. Julep is always running good specials, so there are definitely ways to save if you are a tightwad like me. No obligation to continue and lots of options. You get a preview email before any shipments are made and you can choose another box style, skip the month's box or send it to a friend. Simple as that. 

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