Saturday, February 11, 2012

Beneath all my manis....

I don't usually do my manicures in one sitting. I like to spread it out over a few days. I usually wear naked nails around for a day...or well, nearly naked. I do my manicures in steps. Because:

  • I don't have enough spare time to sit for more than 20 minutes at a time and do my nails. 
  • It gives my base-coats a chance to dry before I begin layering polish or art onto them.  
  • It takes me a good long while to decide what polish I'll be using. 
  • It gets me around a week out of each polish change. 

Here's my routine for day 1 of my manicures: 

  1. I take all my polish off with acetone and felt. 
  2. I apply a cuticle removing cream and push back my cuticles with my thumbnails (they work better than any pusher and they won't scratch your nails). 
  3. I then wash my hands with an exfoliating hand scrub. I use a brush to help exfoliate my nail beds. 
  4. I will then shape and cut my nails with baby nail clippers. They make teeny tiny sharp cuts and are great for "rounding" your nails. They don't work well at all for squared nails. 
  5. I use a buffing block to simply buff the free edge of the nail that I just cut, so the edge is smooth. I do this just a few seconds per nail. I don't like doing any unnecessary filing. 
  6. If needed, I use cuticle nippers to remove any hangnails torn cuticles. 
  7. I then apply a nail treatment, usually one coat. 
  8. I put 1-2 layers of a ridge-filler base coat to smooth and strengthen my nails. 
  9. Finally, I add oil to my nail beds because it moisturizes the nail beds and dries my polish. 

And here's what my nearly nude nails look like. I am in love with Orly Ridge-filler. You can see little fibers in it! How cool! It's a huge bottle and it's cheap!

I am always changing products or steps in the routine. What's your routine? Do you follow any of these steps? What steps of your own do you add in? 


  1. well, I don't do much steps like you.. I only remove polish and apply another one :D

    I think that's because I'm too lazy.. And I like the way you do your nails, feels neat !!!

    1. And honestly, there's no right way to paint your nails. Some people are completely content with a few coats of polish. Whatever works for you, keep on doing it!! :)

  2. This is wonderful to show all the work that goes into a manicure!

  3. It's nice to see I'm not the only one who takes days to get it all done. Part of me would love to wear a different color and or design every day to match my clothes, but the process takes me so long that just isn't a reasonable amount of time to spend on it, so I usually end up wearing the same polish for about a week. And, unfortunately, that makes it a little harder to justify buying as many colors as I would like to... when am I going to get around to wearing them all? (for the record, that doesn't really hold me back from buying as much as it ahould).

    1. I never match my polish to my outfits. But sometimes I get lucky and it happens on accident. ;)

  4. I love this post and I think I will definitely be buying some Orly Ridge-filler. I was just wondering what top coat you usually use. I have to repaint my nails pretty much every day as they chip so easily and I don't mean little chips, I mean the entire tip of my varnish comes away. I have tried so many different top coats and I am yet to find one that stops my varnish from chipping so easily. Any help would be great :)