Saturday, January 28, 2012

This week's additions to my stash, My Completed WnW Color Icon Ice Baby Collection

So after using another one of my WnW Ice Baby polishes, I started feeling regret that I had not purchased the whole set. I looked online at Amazon, Ebay, Blog Sales. I found a few on Ebay...but they were charging way too much. So I asked my readers where I could find them and a few lovely ladies came forward to help me out.

 My friend, Sheila, from Pointless Cafe hooked me up with 4 brand new bottles from her personal stash. WOW!!! I was pumped!!!!

 I purchased 2 more that I needed, along with some other random items, from a Blog Sale at I'm still thinking...

And the last one I needed was the Rockin Rubies.  My friend, Sarah, from Nail Loving hooked me up with that one.

You guys are awesome!!!!

 So now I am the proud owner of the entire WnW Color Icon Ice Baby collection. Yay!!!! I wonder why I didn't buy them when I had the chance?? Oh well, glad I didn't miss out. These are easily my favorite polishes in my collection. At least for now. ;)

Here is a link to some great swatches!!!