Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My Review of Swagbucks

I hate to spam my readers. So I won't. But this is a true blue way to earn something for FREE online. You basically earn what are called Swagbucks and you can trade these bucks in for things like Amazon gift cards (which you can use TO BUY NAILPOLISH!!! WOOT!!!)

 I had a friend turn me onto this program. I know there are a few others, but this is the only one I've invested any energy into so far. I've only been signed up for a month. I have no referrels. I simply use them instead of Google as a search engine. I prefer Google of course, so at times, I simply enter "Google" into the SwagBucks search engine so I earn Swagbucks just for getting me to another site.

I'm up to 858 Swagbucks and I've only been a member for a month. I'm saving my bucks for a while so I can get something big. But if I were to trade them in now, I could get a $10 Amazon Gift Card. Which I earned doing NOTHING!!! Seriously nothing. I wouldn't even be telling you about this program if it was something ridiculous that you had to put all kinds of time into. There are tons of other prizes. Amazon Gift Cards are the most useful prize to me, because I shop on a lot.

If you want to check it out, here's my referrel link. I guess maybe I'll start actually "trying" to get more Swagbucks so I can fuel my polish hoarding. And you can earn quite a few Swagbucks this way.


  1. Be careful with the gift cards and make sure you check out all of the values. A $5 Amazon card is 450 swagbucks a $25 Amazon card is 3,150 swagbucks. You can get 5 $5 cards (so $25) for 2,250 swagbucks.

    1. Thanks Shally!!! Nice to see your comment. I had no idea, but you better believe I'll be checking my points closely.