Friday, January 20, 2012

My friend, Lindsay, The Nail Tech/Artist

My friend Lindsay is a nail tech. She's always bringing me polish presents and showing me cool nail designs. She started a blog, but she never posts. I'm trying to get her into it. Here's a link to her blog. Perhaps getting some new followers would coax her into her blogging a bit more:

She is an amazing artist and I go to her salon for my pedicures. Because, while I am completely complacent to do my own nails, nothing beats a spa pedicure. I always said, if I can do my nails better than the pros, why go to one? Lindsay can do my nails better than me. Easily. And as you can see by these photos, her artwork is beautiful and very clean. These are all free-hand designs she did at work.

If you like her artwork, go ahead and stop by her blog and show some love. With Lindsay being a great nail artist AND a professional, I think she has a lot to contribute to the blogging community. 


  1. You guys should open up a bar/salon. Customers can drink and socialize while getting their beauty on.

    1. That's an awesome idea!! I also thought a good business would be a laundromat that serves alcohol and has free wifi. LOL!

  2. Thanks Aleta! Im going to try to get back into this blogging thing!

  3. Thanks for the link I sure hope she does get back into the blogging thing Itd be awesome to see more artwork and tips :)