Thursday, January 12, 2012

8th Annual "Nails Magazine" Readers' Choice Awards for 2011

I love Nails Magazine. It's supposed to be strictly for professionals. But in my mind, I am. So my friend Lindsay, the nail tech, brings me copies of the magazine home from her salon. As I was reading the December issue of "Nails Magazine", I came across an article I knew I wanted to share with my readers. I searched their online website at so that I could directly link the article and properly site it. Since I was unsuccessful, I have decided to type a few of the results here for my readers that I found interesting. So here are a portion of the:

8th Annual Nails Magazine Readers Choice Awards for 2011: Chosen by Nail Professionals. 

Favorite Cuticle Treatment
  1. CND: SolarOil
  2. Young Nails: Rose Cuticle Oil
  3. OPI Products: Avoplex Cuticle Oil To Go
  4. NSI: Nurture Oil
  5. Hand & Nail Harmony: Nourish by Harmony

Favorite Files
  1. Young Nails: 150/150 Zebra Files
  2. OPI Products: Professional Files
  3. NSI: Endurance Nail Files
  4. CND: Girlfriend Buffer
  5. Entity Beauty: Shiner

Favorite Implement or Tool (nippers and pushers)
  1. OPI Products: Titanium Tooling System
  2. Young Nails: Magic Wand
  3. Tweezerman Professional: Cobalt Stainless Steel Cuticle Nipper
  4. Mehaz Professional: #777 Cuticle Nipper
  5. EZ Flow: Pro Pusher

Favorite Lotion for Hands or Body
  1. CND: Scentsations
  2. OPI Products: Avojuice Skin Quenchers Lotion
  3. Young Nails: Lomasi Lotions
  4. Cuccio Naturale: Lemongrass & Lavendar Body Butter
  5. NSI: Nurture Lotion

Favorite Nail Art/Decals/Accessories
  1. Young Nails: Glitter Collections
  2. OPI Products: Designter Brush
  3. Cina Nail Creations: Cina Nail Art Pens
  4. NSI: Glitter Kit
  5. It's So Easy: Stripe Rite

Favorite Pedicure Product or System
  1. OPI Products: Manicure/Pedicure by OPI
  2. CND: Marine SpaPedicure
  3. Young Nails: Lomasi Line
  4. Entity Beauty: Rainforest Body Couture
  5. Cuccio Naturale: Pomegranate: Fig Signature Service Kit

Favorite Pedicure Tool
  1. OPI Products: Disinfectable Foot File with Disposable Grit Strips
  2. Mehaze Professional: Pedicure Plus
  3. Tweezerman Professional: Pedicure Plus
  4. Cuccio Naturale: Metal Foot File
  5. Flowery Professional: Swedish Clover Fot Fil

Favorite Polish Drying Product
  1. OPI Products: Drip Dry Lacquer Drying Drops
  2. CND: Solar Speed Spray
  3. China Glaze: Fast Freeze Quick Dry
  4. NSI: Airshield
  5. Jessica Cosmetics: Jessica Quick Dry

Favorite Polish (Traditional, not gel or UV cured)
  1. OPI Products: Nail Lacquer
  2. China Glaze: Polish
  3. CND: Colour & Effects
  4. Essie Cosmetics: Nail Polishes
  5. Zoya and Qtica: Zoya Nail Polish

Favorite Top Coat
  1. Seche: Seche Vite
  2. OPI Products: Rapid Dry Top Coat
  3. CND: Super Shiney Top Coat
  4. Young Nails: Y-UV Top Coat
  5. NSI: Glaze 'N Go

Favorite Strengthener or Treatment
  1. OPI Products: Nail Envy
  2. Nail Tek: Nail Tek/Hydration Therapy Strengtheners
  3. CND: Toughen Up
  4. China Glaze: Nail Strengthener & Growth Formula
  5. Nailtiques: Formula 2

So, my lovely readers, what do you think? I love Nails Magazine. They have up to date info on product/polish lines and lots of good nail art and mani/pedi info. I thought this was a wonderful article. I will now, thoughtfully, be switching brands on some of my go to products. What can I say?? I trust the professionals. 


  1. This would be very difficult for me, I don't use most of these products.. I could only answer what is my favourite nail polish, base coat and tc lol :D

    I hope you don't mind me posting a link here, I just wanted to invite you to join my first nail polish giveaway :)

  2. I like Nails Mag too...wish we could get it more easily!

  3. Yeah, it's kind of pricey too!!! I read a lot of the articles on their website.

  4. @Let's Polish, I don't mind blog links at all. I know some do. But it doesn't bother me one bit. I love following blogs. More nail reading material for me!!! :)