Thursday, December 8, 2011

Updates of my stash shots, tools and cheap-y storage solutions.

So I like taking pictures of my nail polish. OBVIOUSLY. What nail blogger doesn't? So here it is. It's getting bigger by the day. Look out for some cheap storage solutions I've come up with.

It fits all of my 38 Bundle Monster plates. These are $.50 at Walmart.

Thanks for the lovely little bag Nailtiques. It was FREE (with my $10 order) It holds color wheels nicely.

This how I keep track of my stash so I don't buy dupes.

I got this DOUBLE SIDED pencil case for $.25 on clearance at Giant Eagle.

I'm currently working on some Xmas manis. Just to see how they will work before I put something hideous on my fingers.

Acetone is my friend. I love you Acetone!!!

Oh what fun it is to ride in a no-horse open sleigh. Hey!!!

My basic manicure tools. For cleaning. And trimming. And buffing. And all my top and base-coats.


  1. Love the ideas for the stamping plates and nail wheels!

  2. Thanks!!! I saw you started doing it too. It's kind of fun. Or at least I think so. I love swatching my new bottles of polishes so I can see what they look like out of the bottle right away when I get them. Plus, I like to be reminded of what the polish looks like "on" later in time when I've forgotten about it completely. LOL!

  3. This gives me ideas! I'm so unorganized and I totally bought some polishes recently and then bout them again. Sigh. After seeing your pictures, I'm thinking about getting some nail wheels.

  4. Here's the re-edit of my post with your glittering loving blog included :)


  5. Thanks Amanda!!! And yes Kaki!! Get some!!! I love them. Not only do I swatch my polishes to keep track of them, but I also use them to practice nail art. It gives me a chance to see if my "ideas" are going to work before I get stuck with them on my fingers. LOL!