Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Nail polish: A big beauty trend of 2011 | Beauty - Yahoo! Shine

A friend posted this on one of my FB group walls today. You should check out this article. VERY INTERESTING!!!

The article goes on to say that "nail polish sales have gone up 59% this year" and it's because of the recession in our economy. It made women (and other genders) more content to paint their nails at home rather than pay salon prices. It says that the consumers have basically taken over the market and created a high demand for new and unusual polish. That's us! Yay!!!

Other reasons for increase:
  1. Variety
  2. Nail Innovations
  3. Celebrity Collaborations
  4. New Creations
  5. We're less conservative

Very interesting!!! I wonder where this explosion will lead to.

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