Sunday, November 27, 2011

This weeks addition to my nail polish family + My review of Nail Tek II Nail Foundation

Not too many this week. But wait till next week my friends. I just ordered 10 bottles of polish off Amazon last night. So here they are:

So I had a few people who wanted to know what I thought of Nail Tek II Nail Foundation. Sadly, I was not at all impressed. It didn't make my nails smooth or hard. Which was what I bought it for. So I'm sure I'll use up what I have, but the hunt for a good base coat continues. Do you have any suggestions?? I'm totally open to hearing them. I take vitamins, so my nails grow quickly. But they are soft, they have deep ridges and they peel badly. I need something that makes them rock hard and fills the ridges. I would love to hear your thoughts.


  1. Whatever that base coat was that I used last night of yours worked really well on my nails. There is a noticeable difference today in the hardness of them. Like, I can't even bend them at all...which is a huge improvement. I didn't use the Nail Tek, I used the one that was in the little round bottle. Whatever that was, I want some.

  2. Oh, well lucky you! That stuff is like $2 at Sally's beauty supply. Super cheap. I'll probably just give it to you. I've been doing some reading, and each person likes something different. Which kind of sucks, because it means I've still got trial and error ahead of me. I found this stuff called Nailtiques that I want to try.