Monday, November 21, 2011

I'm about to FRANKEN!!!!

Okay, so I thought I would announce to you all that I have a strong desire to make frankens. This is when you mix polishes and various other ingredients to formulate your own unique polish. I've been researching the idea and I'm looking for tips on how to start out. Especially where I can purchase bottles and additives(glitter and such) at a good price. Do any of you have any tips to help me get started?


  1. Hi! I love frankening, I've been getting really into it lately. You can buy some awesome glitter from , & it doesn't bleed:] . I usually use polishes that have glitter in it already to suspend the glitter, but you can get suspension bases at TKB Trading. I get my bottles from Vit-a-Life [not sure if these are outside NJ though], but if you do, take the the ballz out! They're way too big & smash through the glass. Or i buy cheap clear nail polish, empty the polish in a glass jar, and use the bottles for frankening:]

    Anyway, good luck, & have fun!! I really love frankens & I hope you do too:]

  2. Thanks so much for the info Sarah!! Those were some awesome tips. I knew there were things I needed to know before I got started.