Thursday, October 27, 2011

Mountain Lion or be the judge! Nail Art.

So, I did a little Halloween mani last night. I liked it. It looks like one of those pictures that could be one of two things. I was trying to make a frightening, toothy mouth. But when I looked at it this morning, I thought it looked like Batman. LOL!!!

Let me tell you a few things I've learned. Acrylic paints are so awesome and easy to paint with and clean up with water. Yay!!!

And I love black polish!!!!! I can't remember ever wearing an all black mani. Until now. I love it! Especially the matte finish. And also, I hereby vote Sinful Colors, Secret Admirer as my favorite polish of the Halloween season. I hunted this polish down after seeing it at a friend's house. It has a glittery black finish that reminds me of leather. I don't usually like black polish. But I'm sold on this stuff. I should have bought 2 bottles.

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