Friday, August 15, 2014


It's almost that time again folks, FALL!
I am pleased to announce your chance to win my whole Halloween Collection. 

It is comprised of 7 spooky polishes that capture the essence of the season. 

Two coats of each color on a clear swatch spoon NO TOPCOAT

This demonic polish is bloody and evil.  
Two coats with topcoat. 
Devil is a dark red jelly polish loaded with micro red and micro black glitters. 

This polish is wickedly gorgeous and came from the witch's cauldron. 
Two coats with topcoat.
Witch is a purple jelly polish loaded with green, black, white and purple hex glitters. 

This polish was picked straight from the pumpkin vine.  
Two coats with topcoat.
Pumpkin is an orange jelly polish with several sizes of green glitters. 

 Black Cat
This polish is all the black cat without the bad luck.  
Two coats with topcoat.
Black Cat is a black jelly polish full of holographic shimmer.  

This polish is inspired by a misunderstood green monster: Full of the screws and bolts that held him together. 
Two coats with topcoat.
Frankenstein is a green jelly polish loaded with black bar and black hex glitters.  

 Candy Corn
This polish makes your fingers look sweet enough to eat. 
Two coats with topcoat.
Candy Corn is a white jelly polish with orange and yellow hex glitters. 

This polish is chock full of spider guts!!!! 
One coat over green, orange, grey and white. With topcoat. 
Spider is a glitter topper with various sizes and shapes of black glitters. 

About My Polishes:
  • My polishes are $10 each and include A COMPLIMENTARY GIFT! 
  • As always I do custom orders. You pick the label and you design the polish. Or simply rename/relabel an existing polish to create a one of a kind personalized polish.  
  • All orders ship via USPS with tracking
  • All of my ingredients are 3 Free and Cruelty Free and I use only stainless steel mixing balls. 
  • I stand behind my products 100%. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase or have questions and concerns, please contact me immediately. 
  • Also, as always, if you order 2 or more bottles of my polish you will receive a 5 gram jar of my very own hypoallergenic, fragrance free, ultra healing "Cutie Cuticle Balm". Due to rave reviews this product is also sold on it's own in both a 5g and larger 10g jar. 
Cutie Balm- 5 gram jar- Hypoallergenic Fragrance Free Cuticle Balm

Please visit my STORE FEEDBACK and my REVIEW/SWATCH BOARD for more info on what other people think of my polishes. 

All 7 shades of this collection are available now at

If you have any questions or concerns please contact me directly via my email:

To celebrate the upcoming holiday, I'm going to give everyone a chance to win this collection

This giveaway is open internationally and ends 9/30/14.

To enter, simply fill out as many or as few of the entries in the Rafflecoptor form below. A winner will be chosen at random and I will contact them via email. 

Remember folks, sharing is caring! 
I appreciate every follower I have. I read every comment. I am so thankful for all the wonderful support I have been given.
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  1. These are the Cutest, Most Unique, & Most Beautiful Nail Polishes that I have Seen in a Very Long Time! I want you to know that I am Not Just Saying that, I Truly Love them! I would buy them just to Sit Out in My Room for Decoration b/c they are Just So Darn Cute! I Hope to Try Them in the Future! Have a Blessed Day! Jana

  2. These have to be the Cutest Polishes Ever; I would have Liked them even if they were in a Plain Old Nail Polish Container! The Nail Polish Alone is Gorgeous & So Unique but the Packaging Too is Just So Adorable! I Want them So & I Would Want to Put them Out On Display in My Room on a Cute Shelf! Too Cute! I Hope to Try them Out but I Have a Feeling Someway or Somehow I Will Get Some of these Cute Little Nail Polishes! Thanks & I Hope you Have a Blessed Day! Jana

  3. I am So Excited for this Giveaway! Autumn is my Favorite Time of Year & Halloween is One of my Favorite Holidays besides Christmas! My Family & I Always have a Costume Party but We Can Only Wear Something that we have at Our Own Home! In other Words it has to be Something Homemade & Not Something you Buy at a Store! Me & Mom Make Spookie Foods & Snacks and Decorate Our House in Eerie Lights! It's Just a Fun Time of Year for Me when All my Family Gets Together and it's Some of the Best Memories I have! These Nail Polishes Remind me of All that; I Never thought that I Would have any kind of Nostalgia About Nail Polish! I Think they are Adorable & I Hope to Try them in the Future! I was Wondering if they were Available in the Mini Sizes Too? I Love So Many of these Colors & I Would like to Try Them Out! Thanks Again, Have a Blessed Day! Jana Williams

  4. Love the polishes.. great giveaway :)

  5. Love the polishes!!

  6. Thanks for the kind words everyone. And thanks for taking the time to comment. I love reading this stuff!

  7. These polishes are so cute, and so unique! I love the entire theme, the characters that the polished represent, and even the graphics! Wonderful, wonderful job. And thank you for the chance to win with the giveaway!

  8. I am Totally Excited for this Giveaway! I don't think I have Ever Seen Such Adorable Nail Polishes; I Literally Would Not Want to Use All of the Polish Up b/c it's So Pretty with the Little Sticker on it! I Think My Favorite Polishes aside from this Halloween Collection is the Bright Jelly Polishes & I am Crazy about the Glittery Fall Polish & Poinsettia Polish! Such a Brilliant Idea & Such Vibrant & Unique Colors! I'm a Definitely a Fan Now!

  9. I am Truly Excited for this Nail Polish Giveaway! I Love Looking at All Your Polishes on etsy, I have Pinned Almost All of Them! It is So Hard to Pick a Favorite b/c I Really Love Them All, especially the Halloween Collection Here! I am Also a Hug Fan of the Colorful Jelly Polishes b/c I Can't Get Enough of Bright Colors, don't Get Me Wrong I Also Like Pastels! I Just Don't Wear Many Neutrals but if I Do They are Generally Shimmery or Glittery! I Love Glitter Polishes and I am a Huge Fan of Yours b/c They are So Sparkly & Vibrant; I Love All of the Fall Glitter Polishes with Brown, Orange, & Gold Glitter So Pretty! My Favorite Color is Green so the Glittery Grass Nail Lacquer was an Instant Hit! I Think the Nail Polish Bottles are an Adorable Idea & It Gives these Polishes More of a Personal Touch and Sets Them Apart From Others! I Can't Wait for this Giveaway & I am Truly Excited! I Hope To Try Out These Nail Polishes & I Have a Feeling that Whoever Does Win is Going to Love Them and Will Come Back for More! Thanks & Have a Great Day! God Bless!

  10. I love your nail polish giveaway,the colors are truly amazing and wonderful!! Such art!! I sahred and follow on all social medias!!

  11. I love these nails polishes :) I partecipate.

  12. Thanks so much for the comments. I love reading them. You all mean so much to me. :)

  13. They really made me smile. I don't care about giveaways, it would probably be impossible to ship them to me anyway. Just wanted to say they look cool. :D

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