Friday, August 9, 2013

SWATCH/REVIEW: Zoya Cashmere Collection Fall 2013

I have one more  Fall Zoya collection to show you this evening. It's actually my favorite from the three NEW Fall collections. I have been on a cream kick lately. I have been seeing a lot of "dot-icures" here lately and I figured I'd do some fun dot combos with these polishes. It was great dotting tool practice, that's for sure. 

Cashmere Collection
Fall 2013

Two coats of each color on a clear swatch spoon:







Overall Thougths
Like I said before, this is my favorite of the three Fall Zoya collections. The formulas are great, the shades are oh-so seasonal and they work great for some simple nail art. A few of them were even one coaters. After swatching several collections in a row, I honestly forgot which ones they were. I will definitely be taking notes or something next time I do a swatch-fest of polishes. I love them all, but Pepper(the Dr.Pepper colored maroon) and Flynn(the tan that looks nude) are my faves! 

So what do you think of this collection? Will you be buying any of these? 

For more info on Zoya or to order these beautiful shades, you can use the following referral link and receive a FREE ZOYA POLISH!!!  

*special thanks to Zoya for sending this amazing collection for me to show to you. 

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